Dave Alvin, Aaron Collins & Ethan Collins  first played together at Aaron's bar mitzvah in 1984 doing Judas Priest covers. Throughout the years they used several different drummers, until finally their school buddy Mike Caldarella joined them in 1988. White Trash was known around New York City as an amazing live band from Queens that would smash TV's, throw money into the crowd, hand out pizza and White Castle hamburgers and destroy innocent stuffed animals. The band was constantly evolving, moving from straight up hard rock to progressive funk. As the band evolved musically they tried adding other musicians to the live performances, starting with backup singers (The Love Dogs) and finally leading to a horn section. The sound was totally unique and they soon found success with The Bad Ass Brass (Chris Arbisi, Terry Thomas & Brendan Stiles) backing them up. They signed to Elektra Records in 1990 and released their self-titled debut album in 1991. It was produced by George Drakoulias (The Black Crowes) & engineered by Brendan O'Brien  (Pearl Jam).

The album was an immediate hit, fueled by the video for "Apple Pie," which was in heavy rotation on MTV's Buzz Bin. The song reached #39 on Billboard's Hot Mainstream Rock Tracks chart, while the album charted at #122 on The Billboard 200. Unfortunately, the original band decided to split up because of musical differences just as everything was starting to explode. While the band was on hiatus, the other single from their album, "The Crawl", was used as the theme song for MTV's The Jon Stewart Show and was also a mainstay as a single on MTV's Headbanger's Ball.

Dave Alvin continued White Trash with an entirely new lineup in 1992. Craig LeBlang took over guitar duties, Eric Brodin handled the bass, & Dave Barckow sat behind the drum kit. They released Si O Si, Que? in 1993 and toured extensively. Two singles were released from the album ("Minor Happiness" & "Pig") with a video for "Minor Happiness" as well. As the grunge scene took over however, the music industry changed dramatically and White Trash didn't seem to fit in. This was largely due to being unfairly labeled as a Hair Metal band, when there really was a lot more to them than that. Soon after, they decided to disband, and for several years after all of the guys worked on seperate projects.

The original band reformed in 2007 and because of the attention this reunion attracted, they released a new album, 3D Monkeys in Space shortly thereafter. The band has kept working since then with several small lineup changes and released a fourth studio album (Suburban Purgatory) in 2015.









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